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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday february 22nd. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey carolyn, good morning. live doppler 7hd showing that we have a shower to the east of us and snow showers in the sierra nevada they have. it's all due to a cold area of low pressure that is heading down the spine of the sierra. it will influence our weather. 50s in san francisco. that half moon way. there's a wind advisory for napa, the higher elevations and the entire bay area will see northeast winds 15 to 30 mile-an-hour. as you get up higher in height from the diablo range to napa you could see gusts up to
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40 miles an hour. we are talking about a better mixed atmosphere. that means 5 degrees warmer in livermore but there's still fog. we will talk about the cooler temperatures today and the outlook for the last week of february coming up. carolyn. >> already lisa. thank you. nearly 20 people in san francisco need a new place to live this morning after fire ripped through their home in the mission district. it began just after 4:00 yesterday afternoon near church and 15th street. our tower camera caught the flames shooting into the air burning two buildings and damaging a third. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the latest. >> this is video of the fire shot by a neighbor. you can see fire crews attacking the flames. >> he heard someone say the apartment is on desire i should come home. >> to show us the text as she met with the red cross at a
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nearby coffee shop. 19 residents are displaced. >> it's my first time. it's a tenancy fire. i don'ti don't know the laws and i don't know how long we will be out or if we have to look for a new place. >> the owner of this pet. and the pet survived. recovering at a veterinary's office. witness ness say it moved really forecast.. >> we started sprague to the left and it went into the little bit of the attic of the other building. three buildings involved. six units, two businesses on church. >> a few hours after the flames were put out residents went in with flashlights. they were looking for clothes and other necessities since they will not be staying here for now. abc7 news. >> this is the third major fire
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in that area in recent months. one last month near commission 22nd killed a man and injured six people. 40 residents were forced from their homes. and in september a five-alarm fire just down the street tore through a building packed with merchandise. two businesses were destroyed five people were injured. investigators are looking into what caused a motel unit in oakland to go up in flames around 7:30 last night. firefighters rescued a man and woman trapped inside by the flames. both suffering second and third-degree burns. the third woman suffered minor burns to her hands. all three were taken to the hospital. investigators say this fire appears to be accidental. a man that place say was drunk and facing tell any hit-and-run charges this morning after running over two people leaving one in critical condition. it happened on south white road near mount vista drive. police say the suspect drove out of a liquor store parking lot
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swerving into oncoming cars crashing into a silver sedan. he kept right on going and slammed into a fruit stand run by a man and his wife. one witness saw everything but did not want her face shown. >> i continued on the driveway. hit the pole and then went around the parked cars and but this accident, this really hit me because i've never seen anybody laying like that. >> fernando hernandez is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. suspect faces charges of felony dui. a child was taken to the hospital with a hand injury yesterday afternoon after a muni bus accident. it happened around 3:00 in front of san francisco's ferry building. muni said the child was riding a bike, lost control and hit the bus. protesters shut down the emeryville police department and home depot for a time yesterday.
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100 people gathered at the police station and marched where 40 demonstrators chained themselves to home depot entrances. they are demanding police release surveillance video of the officer-involved shooting death of 38-year-old woman. officers say they hoped fire when henderson turned a gun on them. utility cruise are investigating the cause of a broken water main that caused part of a san francisco street to cave in. pipe burst just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon at franklin and grove streets right next to davie symphony hall. the rushing water mixed with dirt and making a muddy mess for
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symphony fans. oh, the wait is just about over for the 87th annual academy awards. in just a few hours the oscar ceremony will begin and the stars will come out to shine. abc's mary is joining us live from the red carpet from the dolby theater in hollywood with a preview of tonight's entertainment. good morning mary. >> good morning. ice game time here in hollywood. as you see they rolled out the red carpet and wheeled in the big oscar statute. the only thing missing, the stars. >> lights camera, oscar. the wait for hollywood's biggest night is finally over. >> i'm really psyched. >> i hope i don't faint. >> from the tale of a heroic sniper to a fading superhero. >> i would just like a comeback. >> and a coming of age drama
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twelve years in the making. it's between the 8 films nominated for best picture. it's going to be a surprise. no one film has a lock on this year's film. julie ann moore is favored to take home best actress. the best actor category is a you tougher one. at the front of the pack michael keaton and the bird man. the first time for the host neil patrick harris. >> anything can happen. anything. >> the excitement build to go see who will take home hollywood's top prize. >> this s. isn't just about who wins oscar gold. this, of course, is also fashion's biggest night. in a matter of few hours all eyes will be right here on the red carpet. everyone is eager to see what
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the stars will be wearing. live in hollywood mary bruce abc7 news. >> thank you, mary. stay with us for live coverage. at 4:00 see what the stars are wearing with the oscars red carpet live. then at 5:30 watch who wins. neil patrick harris is hosting the oscars for a complete list of the nominees visit i know you will be watching as with will i. >> yes. the winds have not picked up yet. that's going to happen today with cooler temperatures. right now still mild. 52 and no fog. fog in the north and east bay and a wind advisory we talked about earlier will affect how it feels out there today. but will it bring any rain? i'll let you know coming up. >> that's the question. also ahead, a man who had a front row seat during the civil rights movement, how he is now
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sharing his experiences in a few medium. and san francisco's young superhero will be on the big screen in the south bay this week where you can catch the documentary about bat ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream.
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yeah, that's right. pretty soon... you're going to have a baby brother. ♪ ♪ and... a puppy. ♪ ♪ [ chuckles ] deal. ♪ ♪ >> welcome back. it's 5:11 on this sunday morning. thank you for waking up early it watch the abc7 sunday morning news. this is a live look from hollywood. you see the dolby theater there. kind of an odd view. it's from down below where they have laid out the red carpet, getting ready for the oscars
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that you can watch only here on abc7. that starts at 5:30. if you want to see what the stars are wearing, that is at 4:00. i know i'm ready. the new dialing system for the area code has some people confused calling 911. starting yesterday anyone calling 415 this to dial the 415 area code even if you were dialing from a 415 number. and if you are using a landline you are now required to add a 1 in front of it. that's a make way for the new 628 area code. new customers will be assigned a 628 number starting next month. workers at the san francisco emergency call center said dozens of people were calling yesterday not knowing why their call would not go through. >> sometimes are people are confused they call government numbers and 911 is one easy to
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remember. but remember, 911 is only for emergencies. >> yes, it is. callers not dialing correctly will receive a recorded message. workers at the port of oakland have resumed full time normal shifts. 29 west coast ports are fully staffed again t in oakland the ships resumed at 7:00 last night. employers blocked work on the weekend to keep from paying wages during the union contract dispute. but friday night both sides came to a temporary agreement and now dockworkers will have a lot of catching up to do. the work slowdowns have caused a massive backup at the port. as you know we've been talking about it, oscar sunday. one of the films up for best movie is "selma." i sat down with a man portrayed in the movie because he was a key figure during that civil rights struggle, georgia congressman john lewis is now reaching out to the new generation of young activists and a unique way to promote the
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philosophy of nonviolent protests. >> john lewis had a front row seat during a turn lent time of american history the civil rights movement of the '60s. >> i feel like i have an obligation to do what i can to tell the story because i was a witness. >> what you read about, he lived as a young college student. organizing protests. >> you sit there. and one will come up and spit on us or put -- put a cigarette out in your hail or in your bag. that happened. >> you saw the movie "selma." i lived the march. you saw a clip of the march on washington. lewis is the only one of the so-called big six of the organizers still alive. 75-year-old congressman was just a teenager when he became inspired by dr. king after reading a comic book about the
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montgomery busboy caught. he decided to use the same medium now called graphic novels, to live his experiences hoping to show today's protesters the power of nonviolence. >> many many years ago when i was on the freedom ride a young member of the clan beat me beat my seat mate and left us bloody and unconscious. many years later the same man and his son came to visits me in my office in washington and said will you forgive me? the congressman's trilogy is called "march." the second in the series was just published and he's on a tour with the his coarthur. >> when you combine something as powerful as his story with a novel, it only makes sense young people would gravitate toward us. >> we can create a better america and a better world. >> in honor of black history month we are usuring abc7
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instagram feed to celebrate what's happening where you live. today we recognize oak stock gallery's legacy exhibit celebrating the 46th anniversary of the original black artist on art book series by dr. lewis. the gallery is showing the work of an entire new line-up of black artists. we have information on our instagram feed. this year the film festival in san jose will tip off with a familiar face on the big screen. tuesday night's opening event will be a showing of bat kid begins. the wish heard around the world. some 25,000 people packed the streets of san francisco back on november 2013 to cheer on miles scott, aka bat kid, a five-year-old boy recovering from leukemia. he had been granted a wish to become a superhero for a day. bad kid had its world premiere
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last month. more than a thousand people came out for a celebration at the palace of fine arts in san francisco yesterday. the palace of fine arts was lit up to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the panama-pacific international exhibition. news anchor cheryl jennings mced the reopening of the palace yesterday. the event had music, art and displays of appreciation for invasion just like back in 1915 during the world's fair. >> we had an assembly line here and built model 26789's. they literally set up the line in front of everybody and it was a cool thing to be able to watch a vehicle be built from scratch all the way to the finished product right in front of their eyes >> one of those model t's along with other meme beil way from the 1915 world's fair is now on display inside the palace of
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fine arts. help is on the way this morning for hundreds of emaciated sea lion pups stranded off the coast. the sea mammal center in marin is stepping up to give them antibiotics. there is a tsunami of abandoned pups this year. they believe the moms had it leave to find food and the pups don't know how to fish for themselves. they say they will be back in the oaks after four to six weeks of care. this morning east bay water officials are considering issuing fines for meter cheaters and others who steal water. according to our media partner the contra costa times, water theft is on the rise. officials at the east bay eunice pal water district say it's time to start making thieves pay. some steal from hydrants, others
5:19 am
pry open meters turned off for failure to pay the bill and they turn the meters back on. last year the contra costa water district began finding water thieves. yeah, that drought is just very persistent lisa. >> sure is. stay tuned for the seven-day outlook. we do have a certain air moving in but will it be rain? today's parcel of air is bringing wind and that's due to a cold upper low. you notice what's going on in the sierra nevada. an upper level trough dropping south into interior northern california and that's providing the snow showers. 31 he is tahoe valley airport. scattered snow showers with wind gusts over 55 miles an hour today. if you are headed up to the mountains be advised of that or coming back because the winds are just as gusty throughout the sacramento valley the san joaquin valley and in the bay area we have our own wind advisories. the winds will pick up today.
5:20 am
stay with us through the evening hours. 51 in san francisco. as a result of the breezy winds the numbers are up. warmer than yesterday. it is allowing for the atmosphere to stay mixed and with temperatures in the low 40s we have typical foggy spots that that should fix mix out quickly with the i understand. right now the winds are calm and the numbers cool in the valley. overall we are talking about a five degrees warmer to the east and 4 degrees warmer to the north of us. even the coast a couple degrees warmer this morning. so temperatures and wind profile this morning will be increasing the wind. the temperatures, as a result feeling cooler. at the delta the wind gusts at 17 miles an hour. but as we go through the afternoon notice here we are early this morning. but i'll stop it at 10:00. for santa rosa and fairfield 25 miles per hour wind gusts. not quite as gusty elsewhere but still you notice it's over
5:21 am
15 miles all across the bay. by 2:00 we are upwards of 25 miles an hour. look what happens by 7:00, though. on the coast 45 miles per hour wind gusts. and there are gusty winds at sfo and throughout the coast all throughout the day. certainly a factor today in how it feels especially if you have some flight plans out there. patchy fog, gusty winds moving in. staying cool right on through tomorrow. here's the culprit, the low heading south. as it does just a little bit of moisture associated it. you can see the snow showers in the sierra really south of the bay. from monterey down through santa barbara and, of course, into los angeles a chance of showers throughout the day today. one way or the other be any big downpours but they could see rain there. 355 in concord today. 55 san francisco. these numbers in a fairly uniform range where we should be this time of year.
5:22 am
54 santa cruz mid-60s in san jose. accuweather seven-day forecast feels more typical february readings tomorrow. by tuesday we have fog, slightly warmer weather. midweek and by the end of the week looking like we could see some clouds, maybe a few sprinkles. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7hd with the abc7 news weather app. it's a great little tool to have and it's free on apple's app stortini or google play. we have mor information on the system next week doesn't look like anything. >> yeah, those sprinkles don't cut it. >> no. >> thanks, lisa. the san jose sharks and los angeles kings took their rivalry outdoors playing in the stadium series at levi stadium. last night 70,207 fans packed the stands. that's the largest crowd ever at levi stadium. unfortunately things did not go san jose away. the kings got a big goal in the third period giving away the
5:23 am
2-1 victory. mike shumann will have complete highlights later on in sports. and apparently lots of those hockey fans took public transit. dta said it carried more than twice the riders it usually does during a 49ers game at levi's stadium. up next, the search is on for the world's most handy secret agent. why the next mc ♪ ♪ with 5 perfectly sweetened whole grains you can't help but see the
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>> much more ahead. how the severe weather is going to get even worse this week. also hitting the red carpet before the oscars. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is there for tonight's big show and has a look at the preparations. and great news for directv customers. you will be able to use "watch abc" to see the oscars live on your smartphone, tablet or computer. you can also watch abc7 news live and new epodes of all your favorite abc shows. to get started visit or download the free app by
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn, good morning. we are looking at live doppler 7hd. looks a little different. we have some precip and snow in the sierra nevada due to a weather system that will bring the bay area wind. and unfortunately no rain. right now we are looking at calm winds and quarter mile visibility with fog from petaluma to napa. half-mile santa rosa. once the wind gets going the atmosphere does get sort of cleaned out. but it will feel cooler today. so wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour that will be common from 15 to 30 miles an hour through napa mt. diablo and the east bay hills. temperatures right now in the low 40s in napa. 50 mountain view and fremont. it is warmer than it was yesterday by a couple of degrees. so starting now a few degrees warmer but finishing on the cool side today with plenty of numbers in a narrow range, the
5:31 am
low to mid-60s. we will talk about the wind and how long it's going to last and the extended outlook coming up. carolyn. >> thank you lisa. how fortunate are we? because a winter storm watch is in effect for the northeast this morning. wild weather continues to pound states with snow and ice from maine to the mid-. we. in tennessee two dozen employees of a printing company managed to escape before their building's roof collapsed. the state is in a state of emergency. tens of thousands are still without power. winter weather is also causing accidents, and snarling traffic. >> i've been here twelve hours with my car in park. this is a solid half in top a three quarter inch. >> and behind this storm an arctic blast striking denver is is said to reach all wait across the country. homeland security secretary jay johnson will talk about whether his department will even
5:32 am
exist down the road on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. it's in the crosshairs of the republican congress. legislators threatening to take a way the department's funding if president obama executive action on immigration is not overturned. "this week" can be seen at 8:00 on abc7 following it good morning america weekend. the u.s. is considering slowing it's military exit from afghanistan. u.s. defense secretary ash carter said the u.s. may keep a larger-than-planned troop presence this year and next because the new afghan government is proving to be a more reliable partner. he said president obama will discuss a range of options when afghan president visits the white house next month. abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings had the opportunity to travel to afghanistan with a nonprofit "roots of peace"
5:33 am
request "to meet the president with an exclusive interview. she sat had his private office where he shared his country's dreams through agriculture. he was eager to talk. they asked him to become the face of the campaign to promote afghanistan's fruit. >> we want to let people get to know us. >> roots of peace has been working with farmers in afghanistan for more than a decade. cheryl's exclusive interview with the president is tonight right after the oscars on abc7 news at 11:00. you can also follow cheryl on facebook and twitter where she's mosing and tweeting about her trip to afghanistan. happening today hundreds of latino immigrants are expected to attend a legal education forum in menlo park. last november president obama used his executive authority to
5:34 am
spare as many as 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation. last month a texas judge ordered a halt to two of the president's program. this morning's forum begins at 9:15 at saint anthony's church in menlo park. organizers will encourage people to apply for the president's deferred action programs and hopes the injunction will be overturned. we are down to the final few hours before the oscar ceremony. this is a live look again at the dolby theater where the oscars get underway later today. one man who will walk the red carpet is a bay area filmmaker whose documentary is up for an oscar. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has his story and some red carpet antics from the dolby theater in hollywood. >> with this documentary "white earth" playing on the silver screen jay justin johnson watches from the back of the theater. >> i never fathom that it would
5:35 am
ever reach the oscars. >> but it has. the 20 minute short chronicles the oil boom in north dakota as seen through the eyes of migrant children. it's exactly the kind of film embraced by the international documentary organization. >> to bring a sense and being critical for an informed intelligent, connective electorate. >> he spent nine months in north dakota making his movie. he's not from there nor is he originally from the bay area but he concedes he's now a california living in palo alto and teaching at stanford. >> the program is second to none so i feel like i've been embraced by the bay area and i've grown a lot there as a filmmaker. >> and the academy as noticed. he will walk the red carpet sunday. >> i rented a tux and i'm hoping -- i didn't get a ride at the prom and i didn't get a ride on my wedding so this is maybe my chance to finally look smart in a tuxedo. >> also dressed to impress,
5:36 am
goldberg. >> i'm the first drag character to ever be on the red carpet of the oscars. i'm the first character. >> she's surrounded by plenty of spectators. >> i'm so excited. >> i love movies. i love everything about the united states. >> the entrance to the dolby theater, they have hundreds. roses one by one and on the red carpet it's in place and some people are already wearing gowns, ing to the game more and character of the landscape. >> i love the bay area. they are my people! >> there's a show coming up in june in san francisco, and as for jensen, he's focusing on teaching right now but definitely has plans to do a feature lent documentary. in hollywood, katie marzullo abc7 news. >> looking good, katie. she's going to join us live tonight at 11:00 from the red carpet. our live coverage begins today at 2:00 p.m. on the red carpet at the oscars at 4:00 check out what the stars are wearing with
5:37 am
the oscar's red carpet live. at 5:30 watch who wins as neil patrick harris hosts the oscars. for a complete list of nominees, visit cam ran took over the dubious honor of the worst actress at the last night razzies. >> michael bay was given worst director for "transformers" age of extinction and kelsey grammar won" worst supporting actor" and it's all in fun. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. a new tool for negotiating the streets of san francisco. it will tell you if there's a bike rider in your path. and here is a live look from our sutro cam. windy today and cool. no rain. lisa argen will have your
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1/3 of your daily whole grains means energy to help your dog have his day. nature valley crunchy granola bars >> computer maker len over vo has released a tool that will help remove preinstalled ad wear that will make you vulnerable to hackers. thursday it disabled the super fish program from some of it's notebook devices. it has now released a patch to remove it from previously purchased computers.
5:41 am
it offers shopping trips by scanning what seen on web browsers. it could be used to steal data. it an can en downloaded from lenovo's website. as buildings grow it becomes more difficult for phones to find signals. this spring verizon will begin adding 400 small cells to existing utility poles in the busiest neighborhoods. small cells cover less area than traditional cells but their size will have less impact on the scenic city. unfortunately no rain. >> that's right. we are in the 50s right now. the winds will arrive later today. think about the 70s. right now 52 san francisco. airport delays throughout the afternoon. temperatures around normal today. we will review what that is coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, cal and stanford
5:42 am
play some big game hoops on the form with postseason ramifications. mike shumann has the highlights ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream.
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hey, gracie... you know how our family has... daddy and mommy... and me! yeah, that's right. pretty soon... you're going to have a baby brother. ♪ ♪ and... a puppy. ♪ ♪ [ chuckles
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] deal. ♪ ♪ >> good you bought a motorcycle it's likely your number one fear is being hit by a driver who doesn't see you." but as jonathan bloom explains a small company is trying to change that dynamic using something drivers and riders have in common their smartphone. >> maybe it's happened to you. you are driving your car with when a motorcycle or bicycle seems to comes out of nowhere or maybe you are on the bike. >> i thought well, i have a phone. if you have a phone -- >> that's how he dreamed up the app called bike shield.
5:45 am
you download it for free and you probably only have to open it once. >> you put it in your pocket or backpack and forget about it and it sends a warning. >> for drivers it runs in the background and automatically turns on when your car starts moving and warns you a few seconds before you would be able to see the approaching bike. >> cars have blind spots and don't realize the bicycle is coming. >> it's free for both riders and drivers. wait they will pay for it is through partnerships. it could make city streets safer. >> i was hit four times by a car in one month. >> san francisco is undertaking a huge project to make the streets safer for bikes. but to make a dent in the problem, bike shield, lots of people have to use it. so they want the bike share programs to be built into the app and running on city buses. >> especially considering bicycles and buses get in accident all the time. >> they charge cities a fee but get something in exchange, a gold line of data. >> they can have an idea which
5:46 am
streets are being used for bicycles where do we need to add bike lanes for drivers. >> don't be surprised if it becomes on your navigation software or in your car. big dreams for two guys who are still doing this part-time. now they are raising money on indigo go to make the dreams a reality. >> it's a free app and it will be free for everyone. >> in mountain view, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> it's windy today and it will push the bikers around. >> yes. and there will be rain further south. but as we talk about the bay area you notice in the sierra nevada they are experiencing a few snow showers and the rain will be be a factor as well. inland showers and the mountains around monterey could see a thunderstorm or two as this
5:47 am
energy continues to travel down into southern california. that's also going to bring a chance of showers for the oscars. so in south bay right now a few scattered snow showers with numbers in and around freezing or just below, but the winds over 55 miles an hour. outside our window we are looking at 51 san francisco. no delays at sfo but the winds will be creating a problem throughout the day. 50 in san jose 52. and half moon bay 46. seems a little warmer. even though the winds are calm now. 41 in santa rosa. there is fog there. petaluma same deal. 45 concord and 49 livermore. the 24 hour change with the winds beginning to kick up a little bit a couple degrees warmer out there. and we will look for the winds to crank up throughout the afternoon. certainly the evening hours. and then into tomorrow. that's when the precip will continue to slide down further south. fairfield right now looking at winds of 20 miles an hour. and as we go through the
5:48 am
afternoon you will notice 30 miles per hour winds. and right on through the evening hours it gets even windier. 43 miles per hour wind gusts out of the northeast and point raise. up to 48 miles an hour half moon bay. this is 11:00 tonight. livermore and oakland, 35 to 40-mile an hour wind gusts. as high pressure builds in behind the system we have the gusty winds and the pressure gradients allowing for the winds to last right on through the evening. so staying cold tomorrow and as we go through the day today, high pressure and it will keep things dry. then the only chance of showers will be south of the bay. so we will put the forecast animation in view for you. you will notice that with the snow showers in the sierra nevada, a couple of inches there. south of monterey, santa barbara and down in l.a. some scattered showers. we will look for temperatures then to remain cool throughout the day today. mainly in the 60s at the coast. winds in the sierra, you can see
5:49 am
all the moisture from the southern sierra into southern california. look for 65 in the city. 66 oakland and temperatures fairly uniform with this air mass to the east of us. gusty winds, the accuweather seven-day forecast still cold tomorrow. look for morning clouds, a couple degrees cooler on tuesday. wednesday and thursday near 70 inland. and then another system hits our way, a weak one. it will cool us off and maybe a few showers. all the activity in southern california today. >> that's why they have the big tents covering the red carpet in case they get a little rain. thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. the carriers kick off a road trip against the indiana pacers. tipoff 3:00 our time. last night more than 70,000 fans packed levi's stadium to see the sharks battle the kings in the first-ever outdoor hockey game in northern california. here's mike shumann. he has the highlights in this morning's sports.
5:50 am
>> good morning. the stadium series lived up to his month-long hope with the sharks and kings at levi's stadium. a great match-up but the kings get bragging rights as the outdoor champs. 20,000 gallons of water need today make two inches ever ice. and a fantastic result. the sharks and kings wearing special jerseys. temperatures in the mid-50s. start of the game 70,205 fans and they drop the puck. the kings played at dodger stadium last year. the shot. 1-0 kings. 2:46 into the game. despite being come natured in the first, the sharks answer. a minute to go. tommy wingels wins the face-off. brent burns fires one in. 1-1 after one. second period turnover by the kings. logan couture hits the crossbar. it would come back to haunt them later. sharks turn the puck over.
5:51 am
marian gaborik tees it up and drills it past antti niemi. his 17th of the year. 2-1 l.a. turned out to be the game winner. kings with their 7th win in a row. 2-1, the final. >> we were disappointed in the outcome. i'm not disappointed in the efforts and what our group put into the game. we would have preferred to win. it was a hard-fought game by two good teams that played a pretty even match. >> it hurts. obviously we would have liked to win in front of our fans. but it's tough not to win. like you said before, it's a pretty major experience to play like that. >> they are always tough games. they seem to mean so much. they seem to be tight games and fun games to be a part of. >> college hooches big game action. stanford hosting cal. both teams thinking about march
5:52 am
madness. a career high and assist. the two-handed jam. mark it down for the three. 8 assists. stanford starting to run away. but they are trying to keep it close. lays it in with four cardinals surrounding them. stanford takes the 12 point halftime lead. anthony brown the three and one. 16 points; 1 boards. randall preserving the lead in the second half. the step-back jumper. he had 19. stanford wins big, 72-61 your final. bigger game st. mary's hosting third ranked gonzaga. the gales had them on the ropes. number his jersey number 13 retired. off to a great start. where is waldo? there he is. st. mary's had a 17-point lead. gonzaga number three in the nation for a reason. battled back. the corner 3. 10-0zag run. two teams go back and fourth.
5:53 am
up two. the bulldogs get the last laugh. the go ahead lay-in. 70-60, the title. zags now 28-1. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> and shu is heading to arizona for giants and a's spring training. mike's reports begin tomorrow. up next, all the glitz and glamour of the oscars right here in the bay area. how you can celebrate hollywood's biggest night by also showing your support for bay
5:54 am
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5:56 am
night's $10 million super lotto plus 13 18, 21 -- >> no one picked all six in that draw either. wednesday's jackpot grows to $11 million. >> you can watch the academy awards tonight and contribute to a great cause at the same time. the event is the academy of friends gala at the san francisco design center galleria on henry adams street. these are some scenes from last year's event. there will be gourmet cuisine an auction a ralph drawing and all while the oscars play in the background. it supports local h.i.v. aids services. the academy of friends has raised over $8.5 million for h.i.v.-a.i.d.s. service organizations over the past 30 years. up next on the abc7 sunday morning news at 6:00, a cat pulled from a three alarm fire
5:57 am
in san francisco. we will have the latest. >> getting ready for his biggest night. i'll have all the details coming up.
5:58 am
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, february 22nd. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn, good morning. live doppler 7hd showing a little snow and precip over the sierra nevada, into the central valley. for us it just means wind throughout the day and cooler temperatures. the visibility this morning reduced once again. petaluma and napa a quarter mile. three quarter mile santa rosa 4 miles on the coast, 6 miles concord. and throughout the day today so 6:00 we could see wind gusts in excess of 40 miles an hour. around napa the diablo range the east bay hills. so we are looking at the gusty winds to perhaps create problems for flight delays. but it will allow for temperatures to feel cooler.


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